Fitness, Endurance, Speed & Skate to Ski

Meeting Health And Fitness Goals Through Inline Skating

Why a Fitness Inline Training Program?

Skating for distance and fitness is one of the main reasons many skaters get involved in skating. Further more, the popularity of the inline skating marathons provides a need to ensure that entrants have the tools they need to meet their goals in a safe and fun manner.

Marathons such as the Duluth, Northshore Race with nearly 4,000 participants in the race each year. NorthShore Inline Marathon provides a wonderful opportunity for skaters to set and achieve fitness and personal goals.

Although the first skaters across the finish line are racers, the bulk of all entrants in any skate marathons continue to be the recreational skater. To guarantee that skaters learn the proper technique, the proper way to train, how to skate distances safely and a successful method for setting goals, this program was developed.

North Coast Inline can create customized training programs for all ages and fitness levels.


Power and Technique for Hockey Players

This program targets the inline and ice hockey player that wants to improve basic hockey skating skills while increasing skating speed and cardiovascular endurance. Custom sessions can be developed for individual players and teams based on goals and skill level.

Sample 1 Hour Session
  • Warm-up-5 minutes
    Focus: Muscle Development & Flexibility
  • Stride Technique-10 Minutes
    Focus: Stride Development, Explosive Start
  • Skill Development-20 minutes
    Focus: Stopping, Backward Skating, Turning & Transitions
  • Conditioning-25 minutes
    Focus: Building Endurance

Skate to Ski

Inline skating has long been an acceptable method of cross-training for skiers. Many of the skills that skiers have developed through interacting with the slopes transfer nicely to inline skates. Skaters have found the same to be true when having a go at the slopes.

North Coast Inline can provide basic skating lessons which include techniques directly applicable to skiing. The cardiovascular endurance that can be improved through skating will be a benefit to those taking to the slopes as well.

For more information on Skate to Ski also check out the Rollerblade Skate to Ski Program.

Contact us for information about specific skiing related cross training programs.