About the School

North Coast Inline Skating School has been providing inline skating instruction and education throughout the Greater Cleveland area for over 25 years. As a "roving" skate school, North Coast Inline has brought skating to numerous schools, recreation centers and municipalities and has taught hundreds of children and adults to skate or skate better.

Over the years, North Coast Inline has been invited to provide inline safety demonstrations and skating clinics in many Cleveland area cities and has been featured in publications such as The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Scene Magazine and NorthCoast Sports Magazine. All skate school instructors have been certified through the Inline Certification Program www.inlinecertificationprogram.org.

North Coast Inline is proud to be sponsored by Rollerblade®. As a Rollerblade® sponsored skate North Coast Inline has access to the newest skates and technology which gives students the opportunity to try some of the highest quality skates and gear on the market. For more information on Rollerblade®skates and related products go to www.rollerblade.com.

Skate School Instructors

Lead Instructor: Cara Pollock

Cara has a Bachelor Degree in Special Education and 30 years classroom experience. She was certified Level 1 by the Inline Certification Program in 1999 in Cleveland, OH and certified Level 2 in Munich, Germany in 2002 and has been teaching skating with North Coast inline for over 20 years.

Cara is available for private lessons for children and adults, especially for those needing to learn or refine their stopping skills!

Skate School Owner: Kris Fondran

Along with a BS in Elementary Education, Master Degree in Exercise Science, and various skating and fitness related certifications, Kris has over 30 years experience of teaching ice and inline skaters of all ages and skating disciplines. As former director of the International Inline Skating Association’s Inline Certification Program Kris has developed and implemented instructor training programs around the world. She is currently Director of the Inline Certification Program, which is the only internationally recognized certifying body for inline skating instructors world-wide.

Karin Faletic

Karin has a Bachelor Degree in Special Education from Cleveland Sate University and over 25 years experience teaching ice and inline skating. Karin is certified as a Level 2 instructor by the Inline Certification Program.